Tuesday, January 16, 2007 @ 8:05 PM

i think my blog is boring.
i think blogging is boring.
i think almost everything is boring!
okay, no. i dont.

okay people, i have plans!
great plans for the future.
i shall get more sleep.
pay harder attention in class.
im gonna keep my myself constantly busy and occupied.
im gonna do so damn fugging well for my Os that it's gonna make all your heads spin!
yay! haha.

well, the main part is to keep myself really busy.
at least for now.

today tiger called me and told me that he misses me.
okay, so he was lying but it felt really good to be missed.
or to be told that im missed by someone that im so fond of. (:
i miss being missed. ):
i've gotten so accustomed to so many things in the last fifteen months that i cant even imagine how i had lived, spending 15 years all by myself.

which brings me to the ending of my entry.
and the beginning of my thank you speech. xD

to my lovelies, i love you all so so much
without you all i'd be all sad and emo.
which reminds me, at least i have friends!
(unlike some people. squidsquid)

big smoochies to diyanah, iza, yunhao, sherry and farah
who have hated and bitched as whole heartedly as me.
of course there's my bestie, jacq who though quiet,
has always been my support in someway or another.
and then there's ling, who was always there with a listening ear.
as well as shella.
to denver, who has supplied me with great advice and a listening ear.
without you i'd probaly be unsensible and running around naked somewhere.

you guys have been the ones who have constantly made me feel better with your sherryness and yunhaoness
for that i love you all so so much and i cant thank you all enough.

okay, that sounded like a really long speech.

LOVE; most wonderful.

Saturday, January 13, 2007 @ 1:24 PM

yesterday, we intended to watch a movie
but the tix sold out so fast!
so we went shopping instead. whee. (:
actually, i think i've shopped enough.
i have more then enough skirts.
thats for sure.

went with ling to collect her pay.
ahsu came down.
dots dots dots.
so paiseh la. --''

had drama training on thurs.
we got assigned characters.
i really didnt expect to get the role.
its so unlike me.
i mean, a twelve year old girl? haha.
i really hope that i'll do well.
cant wait to see how the script will turn out.

i cant explain myself at all.
and all that wants
and all that needs
all i dont want to need at all.

a falling star
least i fall alone.
i cant explain what you cant explain
i found things that i didnt know
i look at you with such disdain.

the walls start breathing
my minds unweaving
maybe its best you leave me alone.
the weight was lifted
on that evening
i gave the final blow.

LOVE; most wonderful.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 @ 8:54 PM

i was doing so well!
so so well.
i was so proud of myself and my determination.
and you ruined it.

having ms thng as my form teacher is a dump.
at least my seat is pretty good. (:

went shopping with priscilla and sherry.
had a lot of fun and we laughed til i almost died.

and through it all
he offered me protection
alot of love and affection
whether im right or wrong.

LOVE; most wonderful.

Monday, January 01, 2007 @ 7:34 PM

everything's in a mess.
my life's in a mess.
how did i get into such a mess?

it'll get better.

LOVE; most wonderful.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 @ 10:38 PM

xmas eve:
had and ice cream buffet at haagen dazs
courtesy of our dear melvin.
after that,
the whole group of us went over to ling's playground and played games and opened presents.
stayed until pretty late.

xmas day:
went to visit my grandma and aunt in bedok.
the same as every year.

boxing day:
had work.
got my mind off him for hours.
felt so happy and great.
had supper with tiger and ling then we took a slow walk home.

met iza, xinni and jacq in heeren.
bought a pair of converse shoes.
i think they're pretty cool.
all of us except jacq bought a pair of shoes.
bought a skirt and a pair of jeans too.
he got me all pissed and annoyed.
i cant wait to get over him.

i've never loved this much.
i've never regretted this much.
i've never cried so much.
i've never wanted and yearned this much.
i've never hurt this much.

i can see you falling in love with her even if you try to hide it from me.
the anger and hurt is killing me.
the past seems so unreal, like it never happened.
pictures and thoughts of you bring tears to my eyes.
i just miss you so much.
i hate feeling so miserable and pathetic.
moving on seems like such an easy thing for you to do.
those fifteen months have just faded into the past havent they?
i have never felt so alone before.
"how could you move on so fast?"
"how could you fall out of love so fast?"
"how could you like someone else so fast?"
those Qs keep banging around in my head.
and the worst Q of all,
"how am i gonna face you in school?"

i thought maybe, just maybe we might still have a chance.
that when school repens and we see each other you might realise that this was all a big mistake.
but now, i just want to kick myself hard for even having that slightest bit of hope cos your closeness to her just makes that impossible.

it's my fault.
i made the biggest mistake.
but you have to understand that i wouldnt have undone those two weeks cos that's when i realised how important you were to me.
how much i love you and needed you.

its my fault.

LOVE; most wonderful.

Sunday, December 24, 2006 @ 4:55 PM

hannah loves you all! (:

i've been MIA for so long.
i couldnt even be bothered to visit my own blog and yet you all still visit.

this whole month has been sooo eventful.
there's been like major changes.
i'm going up to sec 5.
my results were frigging good, by my standard.
the worse is
i lost the one i love;
the one i spent fifteen unforgettable months with.
but the best is
i've made a whole bunch of new friends.
they best part is most of my close friends are working with me too!

this month has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me.
i was sad and depressed for awhile den so so happy the next day.
i really wish the holidays would last longer.

yesterday ahgong brought me, ling and xinni to swensen.
he's really the greatest, this ahgong of mine. :D

been shopping for xmas presents like mad recently.
bought like 200bucks worth of xmas present.
i'll be going out soon so maybe, just maybe i'll update later.

merry eve of xmas! (:

i still miss you.

LOVE; most wonderful.

Friday, November 24, 2006 @ 11:42 PM

i wanna go shopping again. soon.

i've been at my class chalet for the past few days.
it was pretty fun.
(except for the fact that the guys were playing PS 3/4 of the time)

on the first night we had our bbq.
headed to escape an hour before noon and played played played til early evening.
ordered pizzas for dinner
and alson and apek cooked some left over food for us.
and today, we checked out.

visited the doctor with jacq cos i had the flu and she had a bad sore troat.
we both didnt want to go to work feeling like shit tomorrow.

i kind of miss work.
just sitting around, lazinng at home just seems so boring.
i hope i dont feel this way when the hols are over.
oh, but i think i really will miss work.

and guess what?
i was getting my library books from on top of my cupboard when i dropped a bottle of dark red nail polish.
wah, the floor all have. including my left foot.
i faster went to the toilet to wash my foot leaving a rrail of nail polish and dirtying the toilet.
had to scrub the floors with tinner. --''
then some more, i had to meet jacq to see the doctor,
so chiong!
no time so i left my house with my foot badly stained.
looked like a birth mark lar. lols.
came home and used nail polish to clean it off.

oh, and i missed half of charmed cos i didnt hear my alarm.
so darn tired.

LOVE; most wonderful.

hello x)
seventeen is just a test
i would recommend
that you live with no regrets
and even if it seems
like the world is crashing on you
you shouldn't let it hold you down
it shouldnt hold you back

dont worry you'll show them


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